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March 12, 2011 I slept in, had sweet dreams, and woke up feeling confident. I cleaned my room again and packed up things in my room that are just taking up space. I am going to ship them home to keep my room as simple and free of distractions as possible. Then I chatted with… Continue reading SPIT WORDS

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E’mei Mountain

March 9, 2011 I woke up bright and early to a beautiful day. When I went downstairs to the lobby it was already filled with students. I arrived just in time for the last of the passports to be handed out, which had been collected the day before. I don't know why they keep our… Continue reading E’mei Mountain

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Celery and Hummus

February 23, 2011 I awoke not feeling well today so I slept in and missed class. I will have to find out what was discussed in Conversation class from one of my classmates. Thankfully I still had coconut flavored sweets and milk tea to cheer and wake me up this morning. When I was feeling… Continue reading Celery and Hummus