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ROCKY VIDEOS coming soon…

I will be in China in 2011 so please keep in touch with me online at I will blog about travel, culture, language, and shopping. I will take you with me on city tours and document my progress as I study the Mandarin language. It will be fun to watch as I lose my… Continue reading ROCKY VIDEOS coming soon…


Last Day of Orientations at UNLV

My little sister and I just finished attending my last International Programs Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation...take a deep UNLV.  These orientations are designed to help study abroad students smoothly integrate into their new home country, as much as is possible.  I'm glad I brought a family member with me this time so that I… Continue reading Last Day of Orientations at UNLV

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Getting ready for China. 9 weeks until GO.

Yes, I will always be an artist and photographer.  My professional camera fits nicely into my big DKNY purse, or carry-on luggage.  I can't believe though that just two months ago I was also working in Hospitality in a Las Vegas Hotel wishing that one day I could study and work in International Business in… Continue reading Getting ready for China. 9 weeks until GO.