Final Cooking Class

March 18, 2011 My teacher has been the substitute resident director for a few days now while our regular resident director is away on vacation, so while she had to deal with an emergency situation we got to hang out in class and talk for about 30 minutes. One student remarked that this is going… Continue reading Final Cooking Class

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Ready and MALA

March 11, 2011 Afternoon-Evening After language class and running to Skype friends and family that I am okay and not affected by the earthquakes except for the pull on my heart for those who were and still are physically affected I put on my apron and went to cooking class. Today I made jiaozi and… Continue reading Ready and MALA

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Food, Business, and Music Mix

February 25, 2011 I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of my teacher today. She mentioned to my director that she noticed I was having difficulties with learning to write Chinese characters fast enough to keep up with the class so she recommended a study plan to help me improve. The USAC program doesn't leave… Continue reading Food, Business, and Music Mix