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Focused and Buried in Books

February 8, 2011 I slept in and when I woke up I ate a simple breakfast and then cleaned my room from the unpacking mess I created last night. I lined up all of the book that I need to study before tomorrow morning when classes start for me again. I can hardly believe I… Continue reading Focused and Buried in Books


I Can See China From My Backyard!

February 1, 2011 I didn't have an early class this morning so I was able to go downtown and take care of some business. I went to the Public Security Bureau of Chengdu and picked up my passport which had a new page in it. That's right, I am officially a resident of China. I… Continue reading I Can See China From My Backyard!


The Bookworm

January 31, 2011 I would not have spent my day any other way today. I went to class prepared to take my vocabulary quiz, but it was moved to the week after Spring Festival. After class I ate lunch with friends, went to China Mobile to add minutes to my phone, and then shared a… Continue reading The Bookworm