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Food, Business, and Music Mix

February 25, 2011 I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of my teacher today. She mentioned to my director that she noticed I was having difficulties with learning to write Chinese characters fast enough to keep up with the class so she recommended a study plan to help me improve. The USAC program doesn't leave… Continue reading Food, Business, and Music Mix

Food, Lifestyle, New Friends, Study, Travel

Study Partner

February 24, 2011 I am ready to challenge my linguistic skills so after language class I tried to order food for pick-up for the first time. Haha. That is a huge deal for me. I didn't say everything correctly but...well this is what happened. The phone call went something like this: I said: 你好。这是笋子面饭店? (I… Continue reading Study Partner

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Mental Workout

February 17, 2011 They don't call me Rocky for nothing. I am going to do an extreme mental workout today. I slept through most of language class this morning but I am pumped now. I have been focusing on my big test for the last few days and now my big test is tomorrow. After… Continue reading Mental Workout