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New York Minute

February 11, 2012 What can happen in a New York Minute? A new haircut, southern-food fix, swanky lounge visit for champagne, two fabulous restaurants full of gorgeous people, DJ meet, ultra club, and a new friend. I think I'm getting the hang of this place 🙂

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First Month…New York Feels Like Home

December 24, 2011-January 24, 2012 I truly started my year off right. I moved to New York the day before Christmas to catch a good deal on a flight, and then spent New Years in the comfort of my apartment relaxing. When I was on my way home riding the train that day, people were… Continue reading First Month…New York Feels Like Home

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*Vegas in 4 Days*

January 12-17, 2012 My friends always know how to show me a good time. I only had a few days in Las Vegas to take care of some business and move the rest of my stuff to New York. My friends made it count! That won't be my last trip back to Vegas though. Once… Continue reading *Vegas in 4 Days*