How to GO LIVE

I have completed my Live-Streaming Script! It is a checklist that makes sure that every live broadcast I create is to the point, fun, and keeps people coming back for more awesome content! When you have a plan, you will be confident enough to get in front of your phone or computer and press GO LIVE! My script includes tips on how to create titles that attract viewers, keep them there, and develop a brand that builds a loyal audience of followers. In the process, we’ve also attracted sponsors, affiliates, and great communities who are collaborating with me on new social media marketing projects! Event organizers were kind enough to invite me to speak at Tech Summits, and now I am going to share my experience with you. Sign up and save your seat in my beta “How To Livestream For Business” course: ROCKY NASH LIVE COURSE

Today is “The Day”, you can also officially join the ROCKYVILLE exclusive community for behind-the-scenes access to my world. Only members will get a cool Rocky Nash t-shirt, my personal Live-Streaming Script, and VIP Access to private broadcasts where I plan upcoming travel tours with you in mind. I follow members back @Rockyville on Periscope & Twitter, and only YOU will be able to chat with me about our upcoming adventures. Click the following link to join: ROCKYVILLE

If you are new to live-streaming, here are my top tips to grow an Amazing Community:

  1. Hashtag your speaking topic in your title so interested viewers can easily find you online. (Example: “What you DON’T know about #LasVegas Shhhhh!”) Once you do that, stay on topic! People hate when you drift off talking about shoes or something.
  2. Tell YOUR story (Example: “Hello, my name is Rocky Nash, and I broadcast about why I love living in the beautiful city of______! Tune in every week to learn something new, and plan your next trip!”)
  3. Don’t compare yourself to other Livestreamers. The biggest confidence-killer is how you feel you are not as cool or interesting as your favorite Live-Streaming Host. (I try not to compare myself to the awesomeness of @napturalnicole and how her melanin is on fleek all the time! LOL) Just be you! Trust me, you are enough, and the right people will find you.
  4. Be Consistent! Remember to scope every day or at least twice a week. Your audience will return to see what you consistently create with their best interests in heart.
  5. Smile! Happy Live-Streaming!
  6. Grab my top recommended broadcast tools so your videos look great! Shop at: My Favorite Tools

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my new YouTube Channel: Rocky Nash Live on YouTube

See you online, #RockyNashLive


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