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March 21, 2011

Since I stayed out really late last night playing pool I ended up sleeping at a friends house because my heels were not ready for that much walking. That was not going to stop me from making it to class on time though. I woke up from my comfy couch at 7:30am, threw on my coat, and hustled to the gate of the high-rise condos where I was greeted by a guard who let me out. I hiked up the the overpass to catch a taxi on the right side of the street and was on my way. I passed a 24 hour KFC that was looking very good at this hour, but I stayed focus.

I made it to my dorm just in time to drop my stuff off in my room and wash my face. I headed down to class without even a hitch in my step. I did though sleep through most of class and when the teacher called on me you could hear in my voice that I was tired from all the fun-having. After my less than stellar performance in class I went with my classmates and teacher to lunch. Jake invited me and insisted we try a new dish he orders all the time which consists of fried rice and spicy chicken. He had me at chicken.

After our lunch I headed back to school and on the way back went to the campus print shop to print forms I needed to prepare for my next semester abroad. These forms were on my flash drive in my purse for days but and I hadn’t passed the print shop all week until today. I got them printed in seconds, but still hadn’t filled them out so I went to my room to gather the info I need to complete the forms. As each hour passed I felt sicker and sicker. The weather has been hot and cold lately so that along with my late nights made me officially sick. I didn’t let that stop me though. My friend Keely stopped by my room to chat about our plans after school. Both of our dreams included shopping. I knew we were meant to be good friends. She was just on break from her next class so we agreed to meet up and have early dinner when she got out of her last class.

I am never ready to go anywhere because I am easily distracted by everything, but at least I remembered to return the tote she left in my room a long time ago. We left after 15 minutes of me wandering around my room looking for things. Once we were off campus we just kept walking until we saw something that peeked our appetites. This little guy knew what was up so we decided to eat at Good Wood Coffee Cafe. It felt like we were in an American restaurant. This place was so comfy and the pasta was yummy. After dinner I walked Keely home to her apartments nearby and caught a taxi to my next destination.

The Bookworm was fun getting to today with the rain and taxi driver that kept pulling over to find an available restroom. He had to go really bad. How could I tell? As soon as I got in his taxi he hopped out the driver side and asked me to wait. He left the keys in the ignition and ran around the streets looking for a bathroom. I was laughing so hard. I took a photo and video for your viewing pleasure.

When he finally got me to my destination I enjoyed the writings of Jackie Kay energetically read by Jackie Kay. She is a Scottish writer who has received many awards for her fiction. She read excerpts from her book, poems, and answered many questions about finding her birth parents with honest humor. Had I not been terribly sick toward the end of her performance I would have stuck around and met her, but instead I quarantined myself by the bar and drank milk tea and then a glass of wine. I figured this would put me to sleep.

My buddy Justin lives in the same dorm as I do so we shared a taxi home. I showed him that you can pay the taxi driver three extra Kuai and the guards will let your taxi drive onto the campus grounds and to the door of our building. Our campus is big so dropping us off at the South gate is still a 4 block walk. He has been here longer than me and didn’t know that. Cool.

Justin was releasing an album soon and I hadn’t heard it yet so while he talked with noisy friends who were hanging out in the hallway I listened to a few songs on his demo CD. It was awesome. Can’t wait to see him perform Saturday at The Bookworm on Earth Day. His girlfriend will be there too so I can’t wait. She is so sweet. I love the close-knit literature, music, and art scene in Chengdu.

p.s. Look, my Seattle friend sent me a photo of his recovering busted leg. This is why we don’t snowboard anymore kids.

Goodnight. Finally.


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