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February 28, 2011

Sure enough, I woke up with an oily-food-filled belly and burning sensation in my intestines from the hot pot I enjoyed last night. Is this what they call diarrhea? LOL. Well, no news yet. I won’t tell you if it is though. It is common to hear people in China talk about diarrhea as if it is a common cold, but I am still American and it is still an embarrassing subject in the US. Friends tell me that they have it all the time, but I will not pretend to possess equal frankness on my blog.

Class was interesting today. I was prepared for the vocabulary discussion and dictation test because I practiced with my study partner yesterday. Now I know what it feels like to be thoroughly prepared for class and I like it. I am going to start on my homework that is due next week this evening. At the end of class we got a preview of the Beijing Opera and traditional dancing that we will attend as a class later this week. I’m excited.

It is the last day of February and I still haven’t done my taxes. I better get on that by calling my Vegas CPA. But today I am going to meet up with Lauren at Starbucks Coffee. I walked and browsed at shops until I reached the Jinli Street Starbucks. We chatted over green tea lattes and talked about what our first jobs in China might be. I know that we will figure out where we want to work soon. There is so much opportunity that we don’t know where to start, but he green tea lattes helped us brainstorm.

We made plans to meet up for dinner later that evening and I went home to clean my room and study. I admit I am easily distracted by the RSS feeds I receive by email from BBC, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, Time, and The Washington Post, but I kept my head about me and studied.

When I left my dorm again to catch a taxi it was near impossible to find an available one because everyone was getting off of work. I walked up and down streets and Lauren called me at least 5 times because she had already reached our destination. Just when I was ready to go home and apologize to my new friend I saw someone get out of a taxi. I ran and grabbed the door and hopped in. He started to say something as I told him where I wanted to go with a smile of relief. He moved the car only few feet before he apologetically explained that he off of work, “我下班,” he said. I had to get out and find another taxi. Aww man! I walked further and then finally got a taxi after being offered rides on scooters at least 5 times. One man on a motorcycle followed me up the road and offered me a ride several different times. I crossed 6 lanes of traffic to reach a hotel which was sure to have taxis driving up to drop people off. That idea paid off and I was on my way after a 45 taxi-hunt adventure.

When I arrived at my destination I crossed the road properly this time by using the bridge overhead. Lauren saw me and called to get my attention. She took me to the cutest Italian restaurant called Casa Mia.

After a nice Italian dinner coupled with Lauren’s favorite white wine we went on a leisurely stroll down the shopping district near her university. We saw a cool store named Sabrina’s that sells all of your favorite American foods not normally available in China. The prices are very high, but if you are craving 7UP or Honey Bunches of Oats it is worth it. I bought the cutest pink headband in a Korean clothing store then we decided to go and sing Karaoke for a few hours.

KTV Karaoke is a huge deal in Chengdu and practice is needed on both our parts if we want to compete with all of our Chinese friends who sing at KTV regularly. Everyone has such a voices. Practice does make perfect. I want to be ready for my debut because last time I was less than stellar.

We had a blast and sang lots of English and Chinese Pop and Rap songs, and even a few Korean songs. Once we tired of singing we shared a taxi to our perspective homes. I am glad that we live close to each other so that we could save on the taxi fee. I had to walk home from the South gate when the taxi dropped me off so I had time so sing into the darkness until I reached my building. Surprisingly the door was not chained so I didn’t have to wake up a guard tonight. My singing on the other hand may have awaken a few students. Goodnight KTV!


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